i just wanna skip like 60 years n be a really old person with like a vegetable garden and maybe a little cabin in the mountains muttering 2 myself amongst the raddishes n tending to a little wood fire


ok so here’s the deal 
Australian followers here’s what’s up 
I wonder if any of you know how seriously the Abbott government is going to completely annihilate young students. My mum has called me and told me I can come back home because she’s so legitimately worried. There’s a storm coming and I really hope you guys are aware of the actual relevant ramifications of it. 
first things first, here is my profile and listen carefully if this sounds like you because we are the demographic that are going to be most hurt by these education cuts amongst other Abbott legislations. 
Young, Indigenous, Female, rural born, low income family. 

now repeat after me the magic word. HECS. 
if you aren’t familiar with the Australian University system we have HECS, a government owned loan system. It’s like student loans except they don’t disappear when you die, which sounds harsh but, there is no Interest on HECS debts and it also does not become payable until you start earning a certain amount of income, even then it comes out automatically from your pay on a sliding scale according to your income. University isn’t free but for decades on end it can seem like it. 
now lets say our farewell to HECS 
HECS is soon to be sold off to private debt collectors which means INTEREST and PAYMENT PLANS, DEBT, CREDIT RATINGS. Even if you were on HECS before the privatisation you better believe your sweet butt you’re gonna be paying that interest whether you like it or not. 

Now, here’s a few more magic words Australians love to hear, Newstart, Youth Allowance, Abstudy. 
 It’s no secret that capitalism and economic liberalism etc etc favours the bank accounts of the rich minority, we are all very well aware of that, so it should be to no surprise that when it comes to budget cuts in order to ‘stimulate our economy’ it is always in the best interest of that rich minority to take the money out from underneath the bottom rung. 
We can not only say hello to lower Welfare rates but also the complete obliteration of stimulus packages and benefits. Half yearly Abstudy and Youth Allowance recipients are entitled to $1000 from the government to aid in the purchasing of textbooks, amenity fees as well as housing for college students who are kicked out during holiday periods. 
We can say goodbye to that. Well….we can keep it…..but it goes into our HECS debt if we choose it…..and pay interest. 

We can also say Goodbye to Student fare prices. Already in Sydney you are unable to buy student tickets at machines, which means, paying double whenever a ticket window isn’t manned…..and ticket windows are never manned.
Farewell to the country that gives people like me, very poor an opportunity to live in a big city, study at a big university and educate myself to break the cycle of poverty. Prepare to be acquainted with the stark reality of severe class division. 
Prepare to be a low income child who is unable to be supported financially by any family member, living on 300 dollars a fortnight in a country that is notorious for it’s unbelievable house and utility costs, paying 500 dollars for text books every few months with no benefits, paying debt repayments and sooner or later working a hospitality job with zero overtime or weekend rates. 
Abbotts society looks like this. The proles are priced out of the city and mass exodus through the desert like the Jews to work in the mines, having Gina Rinehart in your ear going ‘you know, you’d be rich like me if you worked harder. I inherited my billions myself, you could too if you just worked a little harder at being born into a mining boss family, now LIFT that pick axe you dirty little journalist major’ 
Meanwhile the Monarchist Catholic has the cities the way he wants them. Rich. Rich Rich Rich Rich…so Rich no one can even get in. The Class division is concrete and the Status Quo is safe 
fuck that, we need to take some pages from the London Students. we need to get fuckin ANGRY 

oh i forgot that ‘when i do things im not capable of its because of you’ is literally a line from that episode. yeH OKay.