apparently the liberal government is looking into conducting an investigation of the bureau of meteorology because they think they’re reporting the weather with a “warming bias” and have a conspiracy to trick people into thinking climate change is a thing

had a dream i was poison ivy and everyone was like ‘what is your evil plan poison ivy?! are u gonna wreak havoc?!’ and i was like nah im just gonna make like a really, really big tree somewhere out in the wilderness and just like admire it or live in it idk haha

and i went out to the wilderness and made this little tree grow really big and i was like ‘nice’ but then like gotham local government and th police n batman n everyone showed up and was like dude you cant grow that tree here and i was like but its the wilderness and they were like nah and they strapped explosives to the base of the tree n blew it up and they were like ‘ah, now evil again has been thwarted lets all go home guys job well done’

and i was just sittin on this tree stump going ??? why u guys gotta be dicks