hi hi hi australian bloggers!!! (and also anyone else who wants 2 help out)

our prime minister (TONY DICKHEAD ABBOTT) is trying to change fair work act (the act that keeps people happy, safe and secure at work) i have made a list of why this is so dumb and annoying and it’s so dangerous, particularly for young people to have to subject to.

  • when you apply for a job, you have to sign and “individual contract” which basically means your co-workers are all treated different and payed different wages for doing the same job. this means your employer could pay you a minimum of $1 and hour and you would have no control over it.
  • cuts down “take home pay” which is the $$$ you earn AFTER tax, so basically you are getting lower and lower wages for doing the work you have always done
  • it gives employers a veto over industrial action (aka a strike or peaceful protest) so not only are you getting treated unfairly, you aren’t even allowed to protest it or you can face being discharged (fired)
  • on public holidays, which you should rightfully be paid time and a half or double, you can be paid as little as 1c more an hour.
  • unfriendly hours (such as working late at night, weekends and early mornings) will be regarded as worth the same pay as normal hours (9 to 5)

can you please go to this link where it has an already written email that you just have to enter you name, email etc and it is sent to the crossbench senators. please please please do this, it will take 10 minutes of your day and could help australian’s youths work in safe and comfortable environments where they aren’t exploited. thank u and reblog so we can all help thank you thank you

Suddenly the forest floor erupted beneath Maris’ feet as a massive scaly creature rose up on thin spindly legs. At the same moment, Maris realised that the sweet, succulent woodsap clenched in her hand was in fact attached to a thick, knotted tentacle rooted in the creature’s broad, mud-coloured forehead. As she dangled from it, five enormous eyes opened and focused on the tempting morsel which had taken the bait. The creature opened its cavernous mouth and, with a whiplash jerk of the tentacle, tossed its victim high into the air.

in the edge chronicles there are like, these librarian knights who used to be like Pretentious Academics but then their faction got forced into hiding because of some war or something so like they live in this intricate tunnel/sewer/stormwater drain network hideout underneath the capitol and the young’ns galavant around the library until they are called go on this journey across like a desert made of mud and a forest of hallucinations and like a city of evil anthropomorphic bird monsters and then this big ol scary forest and then they get to a Lovely Land where they go to librarian knight school and build their own like, sky glider that they get to fly around on and study plants

and i ate that shit up as a kid

that post abt captain underpants is bringin me back, i have the sudden urge to list some books i rly liked when i was a kid so im gonna do that

captain underpants, all the unreal/uncanny etc. books, deadly, simpsons comics, seeker, eragon, belfry witches, the witches, unleashed, geronimo stilton, all the molesworth books, hitch hiker’s guide, osamu tezuka’s buddha, goosebumps, the faraway tree, all the just disgusting/annoying/stupid books, the edge chronicles, alice in wonderland/through the looking glass, edgar allan poe short stories